Madison Strategies Group helps individuals reach their full-potential and achieve economic mobility by developing and delivering innovative employment, education and financial empowerment strategies.

From Jobs to Careers

Madison Strategies provides individuals with the tools they need to thrive. The individuals that work with us need a professional path that is right for them so that they find careers, and not simply jobs. We know that by training and preparing our clients to navigate their individual career journeys we are improving their lives and local communities.

We build strong relationships with employers and learn about their businesses and what they look for in their best employees so that we can provide them with individuals who contribute to the success of their businesses and strengthen their workplaces.

Our professional expertise and resources include industry experts who inform our training and leading employers who offer career opportunities.

We offer extensive professional development with both hard and soft-skills training.


Personalized Solutions

A cookie cutter approach doesn’t change lives.

  • We give our participants personalized career guidance and service – whether they need early work experience, intensive training for a new career, or advancement coaching.
  • We get to know our business partners, their company values and culture, and the specific skills and attributes they look for in their staff.
  • We collaborate with other providers and educators to provide comprehensive and community-based assistance.
  • We offer financial education and access to public benefits to help participants maximize their incomes.

With our unique solutions, we foster productive and fulfilled individuals, efficient and successful businesses, and more harmonious and prosperous communities.

  • Last year, we helped over 500 individuals earn living wages and launch their careers.
  • Over 150 businesses received the talent they needed.

Madison Strategies Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.