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Individuals in New York City and Tulsa that are eager to find work and are committed to accomplishing their goals are finding life-changing experiences at Madison Strategies Group.

In New York City, candidates for the program find us through local community programs and partners. These referrals send motivated individuals to our Career Directions and Career Connections programs. Madison Strategies Group approach focuses on working with each individual on a personal level, properly assessing their past work experience, skills, and assisting the individual in working toward career goals. Our participants often seek employment in a wide variety of sectors, including healthcare, non-profit, finance, technology, arts, maintenance, education, and office services.

We also work with a wide variety of experience levels – from individuals lacking a high school degree to those who have completed graduate degrees. Likewise, we also work with individuals that might be seeking their first ever placement to participants that have a vast work experience. Our business development team works to connect these individuals with positions at a wide variety of companies throughout the area.

Our Tulsa, Oklahoma program, Tulsa Community WorkAdvance (TCW), works much the same way, but actively recruits participants directly for sector-specific programs. Individuals that come to the Tulsa Community WorkAdvance may come for training or simply job placement. TCW works with local Tulsa businesses in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and shipping/receiving.

All Madison Strategies Group programs have one thing in common – for the vast majority of individuals that enter through the doors, the programs make a positive impact on their lives. For some, it is a life-changing experience where they find new employment and a clear view of their future pathway through their career.

Did you know?

Participants in Madison Strategies Group programs originate from more than 100 countries worldwide.

Read about others who are thriving...

Rosemond M.


After spending 6 years out of work, Rosemond was connected to her dream career in culinary arts with benefits and room for growth.

Miguel L.


Miguel had never had a full-time position before coming to Madison Strategies Group. Now he’s on the road to a successful career.

Noe R.


After 10 years in the United States, Noe R. is finally living his dream – working full-time as a nurse while completing his bachelor’s in nursing.

Drissa B.


Drissa was skeptical at first. Now he’s excelling at customer service at Hotel East Houston in a career he enjoys.