MSG Helps Winifred Work Toward Medical Career Dreams

Winifred J. came to the US from Ghana in 2014 with a dream to work in the medical field. She had volunteered in clinics in her home country, travelling to neighboring villages to help immunize young children, and loved providing life-saving services to those in need. In the US, she completed Medical Assistant training in March 2015, but she then found that while she was qualified, no one would hire her because she didn’t have any ‘formal’ medical or US work experience. West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) referred her to Madison Strategies Group (MSG) in May 2015 for help.

Winifred enrolled in MSG’s Career Directions Program, where she developed her interview skills and boosted her confidence after several recent rejections from doctor’s offices. MSG set her up with an interview at Mount Sinai for a Patient Transporter support services role, and after impressing the recruiter, she was hired! MSG continued to support Winifred through a confusing on-boarding process while she had her foreign diploma evaluated, and she began working in the fall of 2015.

After working part-time at Sinai for a year, Winifred utilized MSG’s ongoing advancement coaching to meet with her union representative and advocate to be transferred to a Patient Care Associate role, which she qualified for with her medical training. She got the promotion in Jan. 2017, and is now making over $20/hour and achieved full-time hours. She loves her new position, and is excited that the additional hours and raise will enable her to save money and help her family move into a bigger apartment. She also recently got accepted into Bronx Community College’s Associate’s Degree in Nursing Program, where she is working her way toward her dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

At Sinai, managers, nurses, and patiens appreciate Winifred’s strong work ethic, positive attitude, and exceptional listening skills. She loves being with patients the most. “I like to smile whenever I see a patient, and approach them in a nice way,” she says. “I can see that when I smile, and spend time with them just to sit down and talk and ask how they feel and if there’s anything I can help with– I can see they feel better already.”

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