Success Story: Anthony F.

When you meet Anthony F., it’s impossible to imagine him ever not smiling. He is so kind, cheerful, and genuine, always offering to go out of his way to help you and wishing you a wonderful day when he sees you, that it makes total sense why a prestigious hospital selected him to work directly with their patients and surgeons. But before this position, delightful as he is, Anthony, a 20-year-old Bronx native, was having trouble starting a career.

After graduating from high school in 2015, Anthony worked his first and only job for about 6 months at a neighborhood laundromat where he made minimum wage, and he had one other interview, at Domino’s, that he never heard back from. He wasn’t sure what to do, until he heard about and joined Phipps Neighborhoods’ new Healthcare Career training program, where he learned about healthcare careers and was able to shadow medical professionals and volunteer. Phipps referred Anthony to Madison Strategies Group (MSG) as an additional support during his job search. At MSG, Anthony enrolled in our Career Directions, where he strengthened and polished his interview skills, learning to talk up his recent healthcare training and tie in his transferrable customer service experience. And MSG staff helped him transform his resume, adding information about his extensive volunteer work and tailoring it toward healthcare roles to make him stand out to hospital employers. After completing MSG’s Career Readiness Training in Dec. 2016, Anthony worked with his Career Advisor to create an action plan that specifically targeted support service roles in hospitals– And he was hired less than two months later as a Unit Assistant at the #1 Hospital for Orthopedic surgery in the nation starting at triple his previous salary!

Having recently achieved 6 months on the job, Anthony loves his job more each day. Here’s an email he sent MSG just after his 90-day mark: “Everything at HSS has been going extremely well and it has definitely been an experience like no other working in the operating room. About 2 weeks ago I had officially finished my on the job training learning how to set up for replacement knee, hip, shoulder surgeries, and spine surgery in my time there. It feels like just yesterday I was hired which goes to show how fast 90 days can go, and I am happy to know that you guys helped me on my way here and the continuous support is greatly appreciated. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you!”

Anthony’s co-workers say that he makes their day eventful and exciting with his positive attitude and fun personality, and his excellent performance and leadership qualities led him to be selected to train new staff by his 6-month mark! He is excited to begin studying to become a Surgical Tech so he can touch even more lives each day and continue to give back to his community.

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