Success Story: Felix H.


“MSG always stood by me and never gave up. And whenever I was busy they always reached out, they always emailed me and showed me who was hiring, connected me to classes for HSE and constantly gave me positive things to get involved in” -Felix H

In 2015, in search of a better career and life, Felix H. sought help from MSG. While he had graduated from a technical trade school, he was unable to find employment and hadn’t completed his High School Equivalency (HSE). He realized that good employment opportunities were limited and felt irreparably stuck. Far from pursuing his full potential, he found himself primarily working in minimum wage dish-washing jobs with little future prospects.

Felix enrolled in MSG’s Career Directions Program, where he was able to develop valuable interview and resume/cover-letter building skills. These new-found abilities along with MSG’s employer connections helped Felix land a job with Eataly, a restaurant in NYC that pushed his career in the right direction. Compared to his previous places of employment, working for Eataly gave Felix the chance to communicate with customers, be more front-facing in his daily tasks and develop greater confidence in his skills. Felix decided to take some time off to go back to school and complete his High School Equivalency (HSE). During this period, he continued working with MSG career coaches to both improve his skills and get support in overcoming different challenges in his personal life.

Felix become a father in 2016. This gave him additional motivation to pursue his professional goals. He was able to secure a position with another restaurant called Just Salad, while finishing his HSE, where he became an integral and key employee of the company. After completing his HSE, MSG then connected Felix to a food preparation opening at Mount Sinai Hospital where he was able to attain employment. As of June 2018, his wages have reached nearly $20/hour and he continues to work for Just Salad around his new Mount Sinai hours. His role at the hospital lets him do work he feels is meaningful, but that also allows him to spend more quality time with his son (given its vicinity to his own place of residence). It also positions him for educational benefits and career growth opportunities. If you ask Felix, he would tell you that he dreams of going into electrical engineering and that he is currently in the best position he has ever been to pursue his future education and career goals. He is very grateful to MSG for their unwavering support throughout his journey.

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