Faced with a skills gap? We train and recruit workers focused on your needs.


What if you could align yourself with an organization that is going to coach and improve your future employees? That place exists. Madison Strategies Group’s programs find candidates and then work to identify their barriers and overcome their challenges. After they leave training, MSG recruits participate in assessments, mock interviews, and skill enhancements. This all happens before and after they are placed with your business.

The best part for businesses is our services are free. We understand business needs and provide qualified candidates that meet those needs. We work to understand your requirements and environment, and then place enthusiastic individuals into those opportunities.

With a long record of providing great workforce talent, our programs hold long-lasting relationships with many businesses. Those businesses understand the value that can be provided by finding talent at Career Connections, Career Directions or Tulsa Community WorkAdvance.

At Tulsa Community WorkAdvance, the immersion into target industries provides the opportunity to develop industry-specific trainings that bring participants up to speed in key fields like CNC machining, diesel maintenance, and welding.

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Did you know?

In 2015, 57% of our placements achieved a one-year job retention milestone.