In 2016, Madison Strategies Group became a first-year partner in the WorkBOOST NYC program.

WorkBOOST NYC is a holistic partnership approach that builds financial security for the working poor, while accelerating workforce missions and outcomes. The ecosystem combines The Financial Clinic’s WorkBOOST program with Madison Strategies Group’s ability to train and place individuals into rewarding careers.

The Financial Clinic provides technical assistance and training to build financial security strategies into the daily interactions of MSG staff. Clients of MSG receive expert-level financial coaching and legal supports. Together the Clinic and MSG will use data and research to leverage lessons learned from on-the-ground practitioners to create high impact by informing on best practices, the field, and public policy.

MSG and other partner organizations will receive heavily subsidized access to the Clinic’s web-based financial coaching platform – Change Machine. This will help connect Capacity Building, Direct Services and Lasting Change into the ecosystem, making it easy for MSG to adopt strategies, integrate them into their existing services and sustain work far into the future.

MSG is a first year partner, along with Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, Phipps Neighborhood, and the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center. WorkBOOST NYC is made possible by a grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co. The grant is part of JPMorgan Chase’s efforts to enable community partners to help individuals and families save money, build credit and improve economic opportunities in communities around the world.

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