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Madison Strategies Group is building career roadmaps to improve the lives of our neighbors.

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Connecting Tulsans with free, quality education and career opportunities.

Madison Strategies Group is a Tulsa-based nonprofit with a mission to build and strengthen the talent and skills of the job seekers we serve by investing and engaging in creative solutions and partnerships. We’re constantly looking to the future and adapting to meet workforce needs, incubating and demonstrating new ideas that foster innovation in our community.

Through our collaborative partnerships, we’ve developed advanced free job training and placement programs for the Tulsa region that spark qualitative change: good wages, benefits, vacations, and precious family time. We bridge the skills gap by providing the highest quality services to job seekers and employer partners alike. Our programs are focused on facilitating education and credential attainment to a diverse group of Tulsans seeking positive change.

Madison Strategies’ Proven Method

Our core belief is that post-secondary education helps individuals increase their knowledge and skills, which leads to better careers, increased income, and thriving futures for individuals and their families. As an evidence-based initiative, we are consistently gathering the data that supports our programs’ successes.

individuals served
enrolled in technical training
people placed
more income for MSG customers
average yearly income increase
employers impacted

Our Programs

Free career training and resources for Tulsans

A short-term fix will fill jobs, but we’re offering future-proof solutions that set up the individual and business for long-term success and fulfillment. Madison Strategies Group provides an expanding number of free programs bridging the employment gap and creating career opportunities for Tulsans.

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Customer Success

Stories of lives changed through Madison Strategies


“I successfully completed a year as a manufacturing technician. I've learned spot welding and so much more! Forever grateful.”


“Got my own apartment & a new 2020 car while going to school & maintaining a job all on my own. Next level is graduating & thanking all the people who helped & encouraged & believed in me as well as myself.”


“I went from making minimum wage with no health insurance to working for a medical device company as a clinical consultant.”


Help us create better futures.

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