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We’re helping Tulsans gain access to quality, free training and employment based on specific community needs. Beginning with the proven success of Tulsa Community WorkAdvance, our programs are focused on facilitating education and credential attainment to a diverse group of Oklahomans seeking positive change.

MSG programs serve various Tulsa communities, from disconnected youth (NextUp) and public housing residents (JobsFirst) to individuals residing in the historically underserved North Tulsa community (Due North) and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (Retrain Tulsa).

Tulsa Community WorkAdvance

Tulsa Community WorkAdvance (TCW) is a sector-focused workforce development initiative that’s helping hundreds of Tulsa-area residents build stable and productive lives. TCW’s innovative and evidence-based WorkAdvance model works to understand an employer’s skill gap needs and connect underserved individuals to free technical training, full-time job placement and career advancement coaching.

Retrain Tulsa

Retrain Tulsa is a new program that empowers job seekers and businesses affected by the COVID-19 economic downturn. We are here to help residents upskill and access a variety of career services and technical training opportunities to launch new careers. If you are a Tulsa-area business, Retrain Tulsa can help your business find qualified workers to fuel our local economic recovery.


Our NextUp program helps 18- to 24-year-olds connect with effective job placement, career training, college advancement and other steps to better their lives. NextUppers complete career readiness training to prepare them for the workplace. We also support NextUppers in pursuing their GED or high-school equivalency exam and technical training opportunities. Participants receive continued career advisement and employment support after the program.

Due North

Due North is a collaborative initiative among community organizations, businesses, schools, and elected officials that connects underserved North Tulsa residents in Districts 1 and 3 with comprehensive workforce services to increase equitable access to education and employment. Due North offers career readiness training, career and life skills workshops, and technical training at locations in North Tulsa for improved access for residents. We work with Tulsa businesses looking to hire skilled individuals from the program.

Career Connection

Career Connection provides parents and caregivers with the resources, training, and guidance for career success. The Career Connection team helps participants with training and advice to secure jobs with local companies. In partnership with ConnectFirst and the Tulsa Health Department, the program is available to newborn mothers and anyone living in the household.


Launched in 2019, JobsFirst is a workforce development initiative serving residents of the CHOICE Neighborhood in the Eugene Field area. Partnering with the Tulsa Housing Authority and the City of Tulsa, JobsFirst brings career readiness training, career coaching, job placement services, and other workshop and training opportunities to the neighborhood.


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