About Madison Strategies Group

Founded in 2011, Madison Strategies Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping residents, businesses and communities thrive. We do this by serving as a bridge between those that need short-term training and the businesses that need skilled workers. We provide customized in-demand training to those who need access to quality jobs with clear career pathways.

On the business side, we keep a pulse on emerging and existing skills gaps, crafting training to fill in-demand careers. We partner with local employers seeking individuals with these training certifications and connect them with these qualified new training graduates. It’s a win-win for the Tulsa community.

At the core of MSG, we use creative and innovative ideas to establish high-performing programs. Our programs leverage the best practices from the MDRC WorkAdvance Research Study as well as the unique needs of each program group. We use data and best practices to drive our decisions and improve outcomes for those we serve. Flexibility is important to our organization as we continually adapt to the needs of Tulsa residents and businesses.

MSG believes that every person can thrive at the intersection of their talent and their purpose. Those we serve can fulfill their greatest potential when provided the necessary encouragement, supports, resources, training and time. This belief informs all that we do.

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