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Madison Strategies Group started with Tulsa Community WorkAdvance and has grown into multiple programs to help Tulsa's gain access to free training and gain employment based on specific community needs. We partner with other non-profits throughout Tulsa as a training and employment partner while also focusing on our programs below.

Tulsa Community WorkAdvance

Tulsa Community WorkAdvance (TCW), Madison Strategies Group’s flagship program, improves lives and strengthens families by connecting underserved individuals with quality education and employment, maximizing their unique talents to achieve advancement and independence. We utilize the WorkAdvance model, an evidence-based, dual-customer approach that meets both job seeker and employer needs. Through a national research study and ongoing data collection, WorkAdvance is proven to help individuals earn more money, access training opportunities, and secure in-demand jobs with higher wages, benefits, and opportunities to advance.

TCW started in 2011 in Tulsa through a public/private partnership with the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) and George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF). WorkAdvance was part of a 5-year randomized controlled trial research study with four sites across the nation. TCW continues to connect low-income job seekers with careers in high-demand power sectors that offer quality jobs with strong career pathways. Learn more about Tulsa Community WorkAdvance at https://www.workadvance.org/

Next Up

Our NextUp program helps 18-to-24-year-olds who are not working and not in school forge their unique path and achieve their career and life goals.

  • NextUppers complete Career Readiness Training to prepare them for the workplace, with an emphasis on workplace etiquette, communication, and how to land your first job.
  • Through NextUp, participants also have access to a wide variety of life skills workshops including financial planning, social media and work, self-advocacy and more.
  • We also support NextUppers in pursuing their GED or high-school equivalency exam, as well as technical training opportunities.
  • All participants receive continued career advisement and employment support to help them determine what their next is and reach their goals.
  • Learn more about NextUp at https://www.nextuptulsa.org/ 

Due North

Due North is a collaborative initiative among community organizations, businesses, schools, and elected officials that connects underserved North Tulsa residents in Districts 1 and 3 with comprehensive workforce services to increase equitable access to education and employment.

Due North at a glance

  • Due North offers Career Readiness Training, career and life skills workshops, and technical training at locations in North Tulsa for improved access for residents.
  • Due North works with North Tulsa businesses like Greenheck to hire qualified and trained participants, in addition to other businesses throughout Tulsa looking to hire skilled individuals from the program.
  • By meeting people where they are, Due North helps District 1 and 3 residents pursue quality technical training and build
  • Learn more about Due North at https://www.duenorthtulsa.org/ 


Launched in 2019, JobsFirst is a workforce development initiative serving residents of the CHOICE Neighborhood in the Eugene Field area. Partnering with the Tulsa Housing Authority and the City of Tulsa, JobsFirst brings career readiness training, career coaching, job placement services, and other workshop and training opportunities to the neighborhood. Learn more about JobsFirst at https://www.jobsfirsttulsa.org/

Career Connection

Career Connection provides parents and caregivers with the resources, training, and guidance for career success. The Career Connection team helps participants with training and advice to secure jobs with local companies. In partnership with ConnectFirst and the Tulsa Health Department, the program is available to newborn mothers and anyone living in the household. Learn more about Career Connection at https://www.tulsacareerconnection.org/

Retrain Tulsa - Launching in 2021

Retrain Tulsa is a new program that will empower job seekers and businesses affected by the COVID-19 economic downturn. We’re here to help residents upskill and access a variety of career services and technical training opportunities to launch new careers. If you are a Tulsa-area business, Retrain Tulsa will help your business find qualified workers to fuel our local economic recovery. Sign up to be contacted when Retrain Tulsa comes online at https://www.retraintulsa.org/.

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