Our Team

Karen Pennington, Executive Director

Business Services

Emily Walker, Director of Business Services

Angie O’Dea, Business Services Manager

Career Services

Angela Munoz, Career Services Director

A.J. Bovell, Lead Career Advisor

Abigail McPherson, Lead Career Advisor

Austin Brady, Family Support Specialist

Elisa LeSieur, Career Advisor

Megan Street, Career Advisor

Will Van Beckum, Career Advisor

Intake and Operations

Rachel Griffin, Data & Strategic Operations Director

Bailey Adkison, Data Specialist

Amanda Hestdalen, Intake Administrative Specialist

Holly Binder, Operations Admin Coordinator

Special Programs

Candra Talley, Director of Programs

Nicole Rodgers, Due North Coordinator

Charlotte Jones, JobsFirst Program Coordinator

Valorie Wilson, JobsFirst Career Coach

Kendra Freedom, NextUp Coordinator

Casey Powell, NextUp Coach


Emory Lazenby, Career Readiness Trainer

Gail Herrington, Training and Marketing Specialist

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